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um, sheldon dear, you missed something out 

OMGGGGGGGGG *teary eyes*

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Playing doctor… Star Trek style!

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Mayim and Jim shots from the May the fourth clip

Same expression?? :-)

what clip is this? do you have a link?

No I’m sorry I don’t but it’s just the preview of the entire clip that comes with the dvd. You can see it on itunes ;)

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big bang character challenge: {amy week}
Day 6, Favorite Running Gag: Moving in. 

Maybe a strange pick for a Shamy shipper — I chose this gag because of everything it represents. Sheldon is right. Amy loves him so much that she wants to live with him, and yet he refuses. He likes her more than most people. She meets his criteria. He chooses to spend more time with her than without her. So what deep-seeded reason does he have for resisting a request that would benefit him greatly?

Amy can’t move in with him because he’s scared. She means more to him than he cares to admit and everything happening in his life is pushing him closer to her. It’s new territory. He doesn’t know how to deal with it. But just like asking her to be his girlfriend, holding hands, and kissing, the time will come when he lets his guard down and invites her in. This running gag, while upsetting in the here and now, is a reminder of exciting things to come. 

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oh, it’s a tiara!!! FTW!!!


oh, it’s a tiara!!! FTW!!!

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The way she said ‘What is going on?’ though…

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Character Weeks

WEEK 7, DAY 2: Sheldon Cooper - Favourite Scene

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I thought she was Blossom?

who plays my girlfriend on the show. Not Amy, my girlfriend

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Season 7 Bloopers


*Mayim’s inner mama breaks through and she can’t help but fix Jim’s shirt*

Mayim’s inner mama breaking her Emmy award nominated character to adjust his shirt… that’s some strong mama instincts! Would have LOVED to see Jim’s reaction!

I think the beauty of it is that he doesn’t react. Makes me believe she does this all the time and he’s not even noticing it anymore. They’re so comfortable with each other that those small touches isn’t a big deal at all.

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the big bang theory at the emmys

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